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Time for Tea
Understanding Your Mei Tai Options
Earth Circles
Gift Certificate--$25
Mei Tai Baby Carriers
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Silent, graceful, and majestic, the mighty oak graces this print with its beauty.  Dark taupe oak trees with flocks of birds flying silently above the branches, dark pear background.  Khaki and dark stone are best match for reverse/straps, may also use chocolate.  Please specify your strap choice from drop-down menu when ordering.


Fabric: Oakland
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I just met a girl today who had one [of your Mei Tais], she told me I could get [one] online..and told me to go to [your]  site. I live in Florida . . . they are so cute.
Christine, FL


I got [my EveryDay Silk Sling] this morning, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  I have already worn it while taking [the kids] to the zoo today plus on a couple of errands - [the baby] goes in it sooooooooooo easily, adjusting it is wonderful and so simple, and it doesn't seem to hurt my back really even though I've been wearing it most of the day.  In fact, [the baby] iis asleep in it right now and I'm just sitting on my couch.  OMG, this thing is sooooooo much better than [the popular pouch that I own].  Thanks again . . . this is truly awesome.  I can now see how one can become addicted to baby-wearing.
Libby, MN
(Custom EveryDay Silk Demi Sling)